St. Joseph, Illinois



Mayor Hackler called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all present.


Roll call was taken.        Hackler               Present

                                 Rigdon                 Present

                                                                Spurlock              Present

                                      McCarty               Present

                                      Fruhling-Voges    Present

                                      Silver                    Present

                                      Chism                   Present


Others in attendance: Mike Peters, Village Maintenance Supt;  Julie Quednau, Village Office Manager; Tiffany McElroy-Smetzer, Village Clerk; Deb Routh, Village Treasurer; Joe Lierman, Village Attorney; Victoria Waybright, Village Park Director; Josh Reese, St. Joseph Community Council; and Nora Maberry, The Leader.


MINUTES:   The minutes of the January 24, 2012 Village Board Meetings were approved as received.   


TREASURER’S REPORT:  Routh gave the Treasurer’s Report as of January 31, 2012 (Exhibit 1). Rigdon motioned and Chism seconded to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented. Roll call vote was taken:   Rigdon – Aye, Spurlock – Aye, McCarty – Aye, Fruhling-Voges – Aye, Silver – Aye, and Chism – Aye.  Motion passed 6-0.


INVESTMENT REPORT: Fruhling-Voges gave the Investment Report.  FNB rates were as follows:  3 month .05%, 6 month rate .10 %, and 12 month rate .20%.  Gifford State Bank 3 month rate 0.20% 6 month rate .30%, 12 month rate .50%.  Busey Bank did not submit bids. 


Fruhling-Voges motioned and Silver seconded to approve the following changes in the Village investments: 


In the General Corp Fund: CD#49240 for $35,000 held at FNB will be cashed.   $100,000 will be added to the $35,000 for a new 6 month CD to be purchased from FNB.   CD# 50843 for $75,000 held at FNB will be rolled for another 3 months.  CD# 47525 for $75,000 held at FNB will be rolled for another 6 months. 


In the Motor Fuel Fund: CD# 51172 for $35,000 will be rolled for another 3 months.


Roll call vote was taken:  Spurlock – Aye, McCarty – Aye, Fruhling-Voges – Aye, Silver – Aye, Chism – Aye, and Rigdon – Aye.  Motion passed 6-0.


BILLS:   Spurlock motioned and McCarty seconded to approve the payroll and General Corp, Motor Fuel, Sewer Fund and Stormwater bills. Roll call vote was taken: McCarty – Aye, Fruhling-Voges – Aye, Silver- Aye, Chism – Aye, and Rigdon – Aye.  Motion passed 6-0.


MAYOR’S DESK:  Hackler stated that the Village was in very good shape for the current time but he thinks the Village needs to think where they want to be in 2022.  He feels that the way to get to where we want to be is to utilize the Champaign County Regional Planning Commission (CC RPC).  Fruhling-Voges motioned and Spurlock seconded to join the CC RPC.  Roll call vote was taken:  Fruhling-Voges – Aye, Silver – Aye, Chism – Aye, Rigdon – Aye, Spurlock – Aye, and McCarty – Aye.  Motion passed 6-0.




FINANCE:    Fruhling-Voges gave a report on a meeting with Tuscola Village Manager she attended along with Hackler regarding TIF districts.  He gave them pros and cons for TIF districts.  Main points that the Village needs to consider along with the benefits is the cost factor to set up a TIF district and to administer the TIF once set up.  There are many requirements that needs to be met and the Village would need someone to make sure the requirements are met.  Other resources include the IL Tax Increment Financing website as well as an annual conference.


Hackler noted that these are things that the Village could work with the Regional Planning Commission with.   Hackler would like to ask the officials of the local taxing bodies to the come to the meeting to work with the Village regarding TIFs.  He will try to get this set up as soon as possible. 


Fruhling-Voges gave an update on the MAPPING project.  The Village has gained many valuable contacts.  The project helped the Village to put the goals of the project down on paper.  It will help the Village to coordinate all the pieces together to help obtain the vision of the committee.  She also reported that there would be a Town Meeting to discuss the goals of the committee.


Fruhling-Voges also reported that the Rural Economic Development Conference would be held on March 7 and 8, 2012.  The Village has three free spots.  Fruhling-Voges noted that if anyone wanted to attend the conference that they should contact her. 


SANITARY SEWER:  Nothing to report.


PARKS & RECREATION:  Silver reported that he had received a proposal from Clark Dietz regarding the development of the north side of the park.  Utilities would all be roughed in for a concession stand so when it is built in the future everything would not need to be torn up again.   The proposal is $39,500.  The estimated cost to develop the north side is $760,000.  Clark Dietz will be looking to see if there is still OSLAD money available.  Silver motioned and Chism seconded to accept Clark Dietz’s proposal at $39,500.  Roll call vote was taken:  Silver – Aye, Chism – Aye, Rigdon – Aye, Spurlock – Aye, McCarty – Aye, and Fruhling-Voges – Aye.  Motion passed 6-0.


PUBLIC HEATH & SAFETY:  Spurlock updated the Board on the status of the Sheriff’s contract.  The plan had been for the County Board to approve the Sheriff’s contract at their December meeting.  This didn’t happen but will in the near future.  We are still operating under the old contract.   We will be billed retroactively back to November for the new rate.


Fruhling-Voges reported that a person who used to work on The Weather Channel StormChasers.  He gave a presentation in Longview regarding storm preparedness not only for the community but also gave a program specific to Local Officials and firefighters.  There will be another program February 26, 2012 held at the Philo Community Center. 


BUILDINGS & GROUNDS:  McCarty reported that he had sent the scouts a thank you note for their donation.  The scouts sent the Village a thank you for the years of support.


STREETS & ALLEYS:  Nothing to report.


PARK DIRECTOR: Waybright reported that she will be attending the Health Fair at the Grade School.  She did not have enough interest to have the craft day.  There were several people attending the card program.  She is still looking for people that want to play cards.  Fruhling-Voges noted that it could be mentioned at Senior Citizens. 


CLERK’S DESK:  McElroy-Smetzer reported on the State tournament series that was recently held at the St. Joseph Middle School.  Hopefully the Chamber will be able to work with the School regarding promoting the local businesses.


ATTORNEY’S DESK:  Lierman presented the proposed revisions to the Village’s Liquor Ordinance.  The Village discussed what they would like to see added to the revisions.  Lierman will work these changes into the ordinance and present to the Board at the next meeting. 


Lierman then discussed the proposed amendment to the zoning code regarding grandfathered properties.  


Lierman also discussed postponing the annexation of the new park land until the Annexation Plat is prepared. 


At 8:13, Silver motioned and Spurlock seconded to adjourn the meeting.


These minutes are respectfully submitted. 




Tiffany McElroy-Smetzer