St. Joseph, Illinois





MAY 8, 2012



Mayor Hackler called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all present.


Roll call was taken.       Hackler               Present

                                Rigdon                  Present

                                                                Spurlock              Present

                                      McCarty               Present

                                      Fruhling-Voges    Present

                                      Silver                    Present

                                      Chism                   Present


Others in attendance: Julie Quednau, Village Office Manager; Tiffany McElroy-Smetzer, Village Clerk; Deb Routh, Village Treasurer; Joe Lierman, Village Attorney; Nora Maberry, The Leader; Mark Woodard, Betty Woodard, Karla Cooper, Jake Myers, Daniel Elborn, Ethan Stites, Barbara Leisure, Caleb Lyons, Jim Lyons, Kirby Poff, Wesley Stites, Karen Myers, Hunter Lowry, Jonathon Myers, Stefan Lowry, Tim Newcomb, Jessica and Tony Heckenmueller.  


MINUTES:   The minutes of the April 17, 2012 Goal Setting Meeting and the April 24, 2012 Village Board Meeting were approved as received.   


TREASURER’S REPORT:  Routh gave the Treasurer’s Report as of April 30, 2012 (Exhibit 1). Fruhling-Voges motioned and Rigdon seconded to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented. Roll call vote was taken:   Rigdon – Aye, Spurlock – Aye, McCarty – Aye, Fruhling-Voges – Aye, Silver – Aye, and Chism – Aye.  Motion passed 6-0.


INVESTMENT REPORT: Fruhling-Voges gave the Investment Report.  FNB rates were as follows:  3 month .05%, 6 month rate .10 %, and 12 month rate .20%.  Gifford State Bank 3 month rate 0.15% 6 month rate .25%, 12 month rate .40%.  Busey Bank did not submit bids. 


Fruhling-Voges motioned and Silver seconded to approve the following changes in the Village investments: 


In the General Corp Fund: CD#50843 for $75,000 held at FNB will be cashed and a new 6 month CD purchased with the $75,000; and


In the Motor Fuel Fund: CD#51172 for $ 35,000 held at FNB will be rolled for another 3 months.


Roll call vote was taken:  Spurlock – Aye, McCarty – Aye, Fruhling-Voges – Aye, Silver – Aye, Chism – Aye, and Rigdon – Aye.  Motion passed 6-0.


Silver motioned and Fruhling-Voges seconded to move $2,000 from the Community Park Bond Account to the Community Park Bill Payment Account.  Roll call vote was taken:  McCarty – Aye, Fruhling-Voges – Aye, Silver- Aye, Chism – Aye, and Rigdon – Aye.  Motion passed 6-0.


BILLS:   Rigdon motioned and Spurlock seconded to approve the payroll and General Corp, Motor Fuel, Sewer Fund and Stormwater bills. Roll call vote was taken: Fruhling-Voges – Aye, Silver- Aye, Chism – Aye, Rigdon – Aye, and McCarty – Aye and   Motion passed 6-0.


MAYOR’S DESK:  Hackler stated that he had a Proclamation for a great friend of his and the community.  McElroy-Smetzer read the Ralph Woodard Appreciation Day Proclamation. 


Hackler then referred to the discussion from the last meeting regarding the opportunity to purchase an 8,000 square foot building for a future community center.  Ralph Woodard had offered to the Village the building at 306 Meadow Drive for $100,000.  This works out to approximately $12.50 per square foot.  The county’s estimated value for tax purposes for the property is $230,000. 


Discussion took place regarding the property.  The pros and cons of the purchase were discussed.  McCarty motioned and Rigdon seconded to authorize the Mayor to enter into negotiations to purchase the property.  Roll call vote was taken:  Silver – Aye, Chism – Aye, Rigdon – Aye, Spurlock – Aye, McCarty – Aye, and Fruhling-Voges – Nay.  Motion passed 5-1.


ZONING BOARD:  Lierman updated the Board on the progress made on the Special Use Permit issue for the proposed paintball park. 


Myers had a few additional issues that he wanted to request from the Board for the special use permit.  He would like for air soft guns and the staff use of ATVs to be allowed under the permit.


Board discussion took place regarding the air soft guns, the use of the ATVs and safety issues regarding accessibility to someone injured on the course. 


Leisure questioned what the minimum age was to participate in paintball.  Myers stated that 10 and above can participate.  Youth under 18 must have a parent sign the waiver. 


Leisure also noted that a portion of the property is commercial but the other portion is part is Parks and Recreation. 


Jake stated that he wanted to work with the Village and the Coopers but he didn’t want so many restrictions that he could not operate his business and make a profit.  He also is concerned that the restrictions would hinder him from selling the business in the future.


Cooper questioned whether the Village had considered lowering the speed limit to the west side of the bridge.  She also asked what the time frame was for the second drive.


Lierman will add the issues from tonight into the special use permit and will have it ready for the Board to vote on at the next meeting. 




FINANCE:  Fruhling-Voges discussed two of the goals from this year’s meeting, joining the Champaign County Visitor’s Bureau and getting started on the revision of the Comprehensive Plan.  Fruhling-Voges motioned and Spurlock seconded to join the Champaign County Visitor’s Bureau and to make a $500 donation to the Bureau.  Voice vote was taken.  Motion passed 6-0.


Fruhling-Voges motioned and Rigdon seconded to proceed into negotiations with the RPC to begin the Comprehensive Map revision at a cost not to exceed $30,000.    Roll call vote was taken:  Chism – Aye, Rigdon – Aye, Spurlock – Aye, McCarty – Aye, Fruhling-Voges – Aye, and Silver – Aye.  Motion passed 6-0.


SANITARY SEWER:  Nothing to report.


PARKS & RECREATION: Nothing to report.


PUBLIC HEATH & SAFETY:  Spurlock gave an update on the group looking at dog issues in the Village.  There will be another meeting Tuesday May 15th 6:30 at the Village.


BUILDINGS & GROUNDS:  Peters reminded the Board that Spring Clean Up day will be this upcoming Saturday.    


STREETS & ALLEYS:  Chism reported that he would be receiving bids on French drains before the next meeting.


PARK DIRECTOR:  Nothing to report 


CLERK’S DESK:  Nothing to report.


ATTORNEY’S DESK: Nothing to report


At 8:46, Silver motioned and Spurlock seconded to adjourn the meeting.


These minutes are respectfully submitted. 




Tiffany McElroy-Smetzer

Village Clerk