St. Joseph, Illinois



Mayor Hackler called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all present.


Roll call was taken.        Hackler               Present

                                 Rigdon                 Present

                                                                Spurlock              Present

                                      McCarty               Present

                                      Fruhling-Voges    Present

                                      Silver                    Present

                                      Chism                   Present


Others in attendance: Tiffany McElroy-Smetzer, Village Clerk; Deb Routh, Village Treasurer, Joe Lierman, Village Attorney; Josh Reese, Community Council representative; Amanda Stevens, Zoning Petitioner, and Nora Maberry, The Leader.


MINUTES:   The minutes of the January 10, 2012 Village Board Meetings were approved as amended.   The Zoning Board minutes from January 19, 2012 were also entered into the record. 


BILLS:   Ridgon motioned and Fruhling-Voges seconded to approve the payroll and General Corp, Motor Fuel, Sewer Fund and Stormwater bills. Roll call vote was taken: McCarty – Aye, Fruhling-Voges – Aye, Silver- Aye, Chism – Aye, Rigdon – Aye, and Spurlock – Aye.  Motion passed 6-0.


OTHER:  There was a discussion of a proposal of BlueStar Energy Solutions.   It was determined that the Board did not have an interest at this time. 


ZONING BOARD:  Amanda Stevens brought her Zoning Change request to the Zoning Board of Appeals on January 19, 2012.  She is requesting that her property be zoned Residential.  It is currently zoned Commercial.  Prior to seven years ago, the house had been used as residential which was allowable as that use had been grandfathered in. The Zoning Board voted to recommend to the Village Board to approve the change 3-2.


Lierman gave an update on what the ordinance does and does not allow in Commercial District.   Discussion took place by the Village Board regarding the situation.  A major concern is spot zoning. The Board did not want a residential property in the middle of a commercial area.   Concerns took place regarding the fact that the property, although in a Commercial area, was directly adjacent to a long-time residential use in a commercial area. 


Chism motioned and McCarty seconded to not to approve the proposed ordinance rezoning the property.  Roll call vote was taken:  Rigdon- Aye, Spurlock – Aye, McCarty – Aye, Fruhling-Voges – Aye, Silver – Nay, and Chism – Aye.  Motion passed 5-1.


Board members discussed under what circumstances that residential use would be allowable for the property.  The Board directed Lierman into the situation. 


MAYOR’S DESK: Hackler reported that the next CIMOA meeting will be February 16 at Clinton.  The speaker will be from the Nuclear Power plant in Clinton.  Hackler reported that on Feb 7th the final MAPPING meeting will be held to wrap up the program. 


Bill Campbell gave a donation to the Village from Boy Scout Troop #40 for improvements of the building.  The Village was very thankful for the donation.  Campbell requested that the Scouts be able to meet with the Buildings and Ground Committee regarding some possible improvements to the Building. 


Dumpster days will May 12th from 7 am to noon. There are more restrictions on what is acceptable than in the past. 




FINANCE:  Nothing to report.


SANITARY SEWER:  Rigdon reported on a necessary effluent pipe repair. Rigdon motioned and Chism seconded to have Stewart and Stewart perform the repairs at a cost of $2850.  Roll call vote was taken:  Rigdon – Aye, Spurlock – Aye, McCarty – Aye, Fruhling-Voges – Aye, Silver – Aye, and Chism – Aye.  Motion passed 6-0.


Rigdon reported that the agreement was in effect with the Royers.


Rigdon reported that he was working on using the new park property for the sludge distribution. 


Lierman noted that he would like to bring an annexation agreement to the Board to annex the new park area.  The Board agreed.   


PARKS & RECREATION:  Silver gave an update on the Parks and Rec Committee Meeting.  There were two issues discussed.  The first was the Community Council’s request to have alcohol at the Community Festival.  Lierman had a concern regarding the legality of selling alcohol on the Village property.  He can do more research on the matter but wanted to get the Board’s direction before incurring the billing time.  He requested that the Board let him know how they wanted him to proceed. 


Hackler noted that he has paperwork from 3 nearby communities that allow alcohol on Village property.  Quednau contacted a State Liquor Commission attorney regarding the possibility.  The attorney stated that it would only be necessary to change the Village liquor ordinance.  Quednau also reported that the insurance company stated that the license holder would have to have dram shop insurance and name the Village as the insured.  Lierman asked for the names for him to follow-up with the people. 


The Board directed Lierman to look into the possibility of having alcohol at the park.


The second item discussed at the committee meeting was the development of the next phase of the Community Park.  Village Public Works Department was also consulted regarding the needs. 


PUBLIC HEATH & SAFETY:  Nothing to report. 


BUILDINGS & GROUNDS: Nothing to report.  


STREETS & ALLEYS:  Chism reported on a rough quote that he had received to repave Main Street.  Hackler discussed financing options for the project.  Hackler requested authorization to go out for bids to work on Main Street. 


Rigdon motioned and McCarty seconded to look into pledge collateral funding.  Rigdon and McCarty agreed to rescind their motion. 


Chism motioned and Silver seconded to move forward with the process of getting bids for the project.   Roll call vote was taken:  Rigdon – Aye, Spurlock – Aye, McCarty – Aye, Fruhling-Voges – Aye, Silver – Aye, and Chism – Aye.  Motion passed 6-0.


Chism motioned and Silver seconded to get estimates from the engineers on reworking Grand Avenue from Eighth Street to Main Street using Motor Fuel money.  Voice vote was taken.  Motion passed 6-0.


Chism motioned and Rigdon seconded to purchase $655 worth of guardrail to put at dead end streets.  Currently the posts that are in place are being removed and the farmers are driving into the fields.  Voice vote was taken.  Motion passed 6-0.


Chism and Peters are working on getting estimates for drainage at Northgate and North Fourth Street.


CLERK’S DESK:  Nothing to report


ATTORNEY’S DESK:  Lierman presented the Board with two Abatement Certificates, one for the Park Bonds and one for the Sewer Bonds. These certificates must be approved in order for the County Clerk to abate that portion of Village residents’ taxes.  The combined amount of the abatement is $244,268.   Rigdon motioned and Silver seconded to approve the two abatement certificates.  Roll call vote was taken:  Rigdon – Aye, Spurlock – Aye, McCarty – Aye, Fruhling-Voges – Aye, Silver – Aye, and Chism – Aye.  Motion passed 6-0.


At 8:37, Silver motioned and Chism seconded to adjourn the meeting.


These minutes are respectfully submitted. 




Tiffany McElroy-Smetzer

Village Clerk