St. Joseph, Illinois





June 26, 2012

Mayor Hackler called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all present.


Roll call was taken.       Hackler                Present

                                Rigdon                  Present

                                                                Spurlock              Present

                                      McCarty               Present

                                      Fruhling-Voges    Present

                                      Silver                    Present

                                      Chism                   Present



Others in attendance: Mike Peters, Village Public Works Superintendant; Julie Quednau, Village Office Manager; Victoria Becker, Village Parks & Rec Director; Tiffany McElroy-Smetzer, Village Clerk; Joe Lierman, Village Attorney; Nora Maberry-Daniels, The Leader; Rusty Chism, St. Joseph-Stanton Fire Chief; Ralph Caldwell and Greg Abbott, METCAD;  and Heather and Roche Cain. 


MINUTES:   The minutes of the Village Board Meeting held June 12, 2012 were approved as amended.


MAYORS DESK:   Hackler noted that he is recommending Art Raap for the vacancy on the Planning Commission.  Rigdon motioned and Chism seconded to appoint Raap to the Planning Commission.  Voice vote was taken.  Motion passed 6-0.


Hackler noted that there will be a Zoning Board Meeting held on Thursday, June 28, 2012. 


Hackler reported that Roger Purcell has resigned from the Tree Trust.  Hackler appointed Mike Peters as Chair.  Chris Rohl and Jean McCown will continue on the Tree Trust.  Hackler appointed Carolyn Purcell as a new member of the Tree Trust.


BILLS:  Rigdon motioned and Chism seconded to approve the bills as presented.  Roll call vote was taken:  Spurlock – Aye, McCarty –Aye, Fruhling-Voges – Aye, Silver – Aye, Rigdon – Aye, Chism – Aye, and Rigdon – Aye.  Motion passed 6-0. 


PUBLIC PARTICIPATION:  Greg Abbott of METCAD gave the Board an overview of the METCAD system and what the benefits to the Village that the system will be.  Trustees asked questions regarding coverage and how many other Villages are on the system as well as others.  St. Joseph would be the first village on the system.  Chism noted this system would be what we would need in an emergency as State and Federal aid does not arrive for the first twelve hours.  Chism reported on his experience at the fire department both before and after going on the METCAD system.


A prospective local business owner came to talk to the Village about a liquor license and what was available.  He also questioned what restrictions there would be with the available liquor licenses.  There was a great deal of discussion regarding the purpose of the proposed business and what its focus is.  




FINANCE: Fruhling-Voges reported on the budget work that the committee has done.   The budget will be voted on at the next meeting. 


SANITARY SEWER:  Rigdon reported that he had a bid regarding painting the cell.  This will be voted on at the next meeting.


PARKS & RECREATION:   Hackler reported on the concert in the park and the dedication of the Sports Complex.  Peters is working on repairing the lights on the tennis courts.


PUBLIC HEATH & SAFETY: Spurlock reported on the committee meeting regarding fireworks.  The deputy will respond to all fireworks call.  There will be a warning with the first visit.  The second call will result in a notice to appear. 


BUILDINGS & GROUNDS:  The bucket truck has problems with the hoist.  The small blue dump truck is also in for repair.


STREETS & ALLEYS:    Quednau reported that the bid opening for Grand Avenue will be held on July 7 at 10 am.


CLERK’S DESK:  Nothing to report. 


ATTORNEY’S DESK:  Lierman presented Prevailing Wage Ordinance 2012-9.  Chism motioned and Rigdon seconded to adopt the ordinance as presented.  Roll call vote was taken:  McCarty –Aye, Fruhling-Voges – Aye, Silver – Aye, Chism – Aye, Rigdon – Aye, and Spurlock – Aye.  Motion passed 6-0.


At 8:50, Silver motioned and Chism seconded to adjourn the meeting.


These minutes are respectfully submitted. 




Tiffany McElroy-Smetzer