St. Joseph, Illinois


Announcements and Events

Please Note:  All solicitors must register with the Village Office. EACH solicitor receives their own card.  If they do not have a Peddler’s Card from the Village, they are NOT registered.  The card will have a Village Signature and the Village Seal imprinted on the card.

Village Residents have been having trouble with solicitors being rude, appearing after dark, and being disrespectful.

If you have any problems, call the Village office if is during the work day (469-7371) or if after work hours call the non-emergency number for the County (333-8911).


St. Joseph Wetlands 
Come stop by the wetlands and see if you can spot the Bald Eagle.
A Mature Bald Eagle has been seen in the Wetlands and in the paint ball area. 
Please report any eagle sightings to the Parks and Recreation Department
Phone: 469-9504
(Don't forget to leave the date, time and location of the sighting)
Reported Sightings
The Bald Eagle has been seen near W. Grand Street (May 11th, 1:11pm)





The village of St. Joseph is now charging for use of the Municipal and Annex building.

Please see the Rental Agreement Below.

Click here for Rental Agreement









The Leader is sponsoring their Annual Garage Sale on April 23, 24, and 25th

Please call 469-0045 for more information



 Habitat for Humanity will be at the Methodist Church located at 205 N 3rd on April 25th from 1-3. We accept furniture (resalable condition), electronics (working) lawn and garden, building supplies and materials, home décor, dishes.  Salt n Light will also be there to take the clothing.  If you have any questions please let me know.
Tysie Sellers
Sales Associate
Habitat for Humanity of
Champaign County & ReStore
119 E University Ave Champaign, IL 61820


Dumpster Day

(located at 3rd and 4th street)

May 2nd

Time: 7-11am




Volunteers Needed for Village Gardeners

Contact: Sandy Anderson 469-2416









Click Here
Whole trees and grass will not be accepted.

Please set your Christmas Tree out for pick-up before January 30th.




Dave McCormick- (217) 649-9286

Rick's Tractor Service- (217) 202-0715




Dan's- (217) 714-9819

Darren Ramm- (217) 202-2575

Kara Rewaets- (217) 377-2932

Fresh Cut Lawn Care- (217) 621-8909



Champaign County Soil & Water Conservation District


Will be burning small sections of the St. Joseph Wetland

Date TBD

Questions contact: Bruce Stikkers (217) 352-3536




 Vacation Watch
Please contact non-emergency number 333-8911


If you see suspicious activity,
 it at the METCAD non-emergency number  333-8911


We have had a lot of questions about recycling.  No, the Village is no longer offering the service but local garbage haulers are.  If you are interested, call your hauler to get your recycling set up.  


IS THERE SOMETHING ELSE YOU WANT TO SEE ON THE WEBPAGE?  Call Julie or Laura at 469-7371 or email