St. Joseph, Illinois



                                                       VILLAGE OF ST. JOSEPH

                                 ZONING BOARD MEETING

                                           June 28, 2012



                                       Palmer                  Present

                                        Monk                   Present                         

McElwee              Present

                                        Gudenrath            Present

                                        Dillman                 Absent

                                         Hitt                       Present

                                        Woods                  Present


Others in attendance – Tiffany McElroy-Smetzer, Village Clerk; Joe Lierman, Village Attorney;  Amanda Stevens, Village Resident.


The first item up for consideration is a request by Amanda Stevens for a special use permit to change use from Commercial to R1, R3, or R4 Residential; and variance from lot size and set back requirements to return to previous “grandfathered” use as residential, for the property commonly known as 109 S. Main Street, St. Joseph, IL. 


Palmer introduced the issue.  He said that the Zoning Board has previously voted to approve the change in zoning but the Village Board voted not to change the zoning.  The Village Board has since changed the ordinance to allow special use permits for “grandfathering” in previous uses. 


McElwee motioned and Woods seconded to recommend the approval of the special use permit as requested. Roll call vote was taken:  McElwee – Aye, Hitt – Aye, Woods – Aye, Monk – Aye, Gudenrath – Aye, and Palmer – Aye.  Motion passed 6-0.


McElroy-Smetzer told the Zoning Board Members that the recommendations of tonight’s meeting would be presented to the Village Board and that they would be voting on the issue Tuesday, July 10, 2012.


Hitt motioned and Monk seconded to adjourn at 7:15.


These minutes are respectfully submitted.


Tiffany McElroy-Smetzer

Village Clerk

Date:  June 28, 2012