St. Joseph, Illinois


Sewer Billings are sent out at the end of the following months

 (in parenthesis are the months that will be billed for):
February            ( December & January)
April                   (February & March)
June                    (April & May)
August                (June & July)
October              (August & September)
December           (October & November)

The bill must be paid in full by the end of the next month to avoid late payment charges.  

The sewer bill is calculated from the reading that Illinois American Water provides the Village.  

You will be billed one month for your water usage by Illinois American and the next month from the Village for your sewage usage.  

If you are watering outside a lot, you might benefit from purchasing an outside water meter




Watering Outside ??????


The Village has outside water meters for sale.  The cost of each meter is $55.  Bring them in for a reading and receive credit on your next sewer bill.  

The amount of water you use outside and thus does not run through our sewage system will be deducted from your account.