Sewer Utility

Welcome to the Village of St. Joseph's Sewer Utility Department, dedicated to ensuring the efficient and reliable management of our sewer systems. Our core services include:

  1. Wastewater Collection: We maintain a network of sewer lines to collect and transport wastewater from residential and commercial properties.

  2. Treatment Plant Operations: Our team manages and operates the wastewater treatment plant, ensuring the proper treatment of sewage to protect our environment and water resources.

  3. Sewer Infrastructure Maintenance: We oversee the maintenance and repair of sewer infrastructure, including pipes, manholes, and pumping stations, to prevent disruptions and safeguard public health.

  4. Sewer Billing: We handle sewer billing and customer service inquiries related to sewer charges, making it convenient for residents and businesses to access and understand their bills.

Dave Collard - WWTP Operator


David Collard

WWTP Operator

Clark Dietz

Phone: 217.508.7961